FSU Campus Recreation
With only a handful of full-time staff members, it is the students who help make Intramural Sports a success. Look back at our IM student and professional staff from the past 15 years at FSU.

IM Staff
2012 IM Staff Softball Game Participants | Larger Image
Current Staff & Alumni
Over 300 student workers pass through Intramural Sports each year. Here's a look at our current staff and recent alumni. Action photos and all.

Championship Game Officials
Our top officials in each team sport are honored with the opportunity to officiate all-campus championship games. See who worked this year's big games.

Staff Photo Galleries
Revisit the good times in Intramural Sports in our staff photo galleries from the past decade.

IM Director, Assistant Director, & Graduate Assistants
Over 10,000 different people play Intramural Sports each year. Nearly 300 student staff members help make it all happen. Just 2 full-time staff oversee the program along with 2 graduate assistants. Meet the office staff that manages all the madness.
Call the Intramural Sports Staff at 850.644.2430 for more information.
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